Frohe Weihnachten schon einmal!!

Ist ein weilchen seit ich das letzte mal geschrieben habe, aber so wie ich meine lieben Eltern kenne haben die wahrscheinlich schon alles erzählt..

Ich werde 1.Weihnachtstag bei Omas& Opas anrufen, ich versuche es zu schaffen wenn alle da sind, aber ich kann nichts versprechen mit der Zeitverschiebung.

Bis dahin, Frohe Weihnachten& ein guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!

23.12.07 03:57

New Pics.. I uploaded my Photography Pictures!

Little Note to the Sabattier:
It´s a Developing-Process. After you put your Print in the Developer and then in the Stop-Bath (Water), you take your Print and expose it again with light and you start to develop again.
That´s how the "Mackie-Lines" show up on your Print.

Yepp, well I don´t think anyone of you really knows what I´m talking about, but that´s fine. 


13.11.07 01:46

Finally I uploaded some new pictures, but I still kept some old ones.
When I got the pictures from Halloween-Dance I will upload them too, but I guess that will take a while.


P.s.: for those who didn´t saw the calender yet.. it´s in the navigation taskleiste.. I put all the Birthdays on it, so that you know when everybodys Birthday is...

10.11.07 18:14

Soo.. Hockey-Season is over now.
Now I´ve time to study

I think I´ll post some pictures from my Photography Class next week, so that you can see what I do on my weekends, when I´m not out with friends or at Alecias House...
I wish they would offer this class in germany, too. You learn how to load in a film, develop it and make prints.
This and next week we learn how to make sepia pictures and sabattier.
That´s pretty cool. So when anyone want to have black&white pictures, send me your film and I´ll do it

So, thats all for today.


16.10.07 22:54

A few pictures from Homecoming-game and Homecoming.
14.10.07 18:23

Sorry, again no pictures from New York City...
Alecia made other plans Thursday.
So we were just at a boring Farm, so that Christopher could see 5 animals and a pumpkin field.

However, maybe they remind the next time, that I want to see New York. I hope so.

Write you soon,

30.9.07 18:26

So... this weekend we´re in New York again and we will drive in the City. So I can show you pictures.
The Hockey season comes to an end, just two weeks left I think and then I´ll have more time to do something that´s not in school.

However, I´ll post pictures next week.
Bye, Laura

27.9.07 13:57

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