Hey guys,
how are you?

I started Hockey last week, but I think it need more time, till I can play in a game :-P
I´m really sorry for you, that you´ve such a bad weather in Germay.
We´ve always about 25°.

Yesterday (Saturday), we were on a concert in York.
I think nobody of you knows Carrie Underwood, I didn´t either.
She won last year or two years ago at American Idol (in Germany DSDS).

I think I need a little bit more time to feel like home here, but it´s okay.
When you want you can come and visit me after the 1st February. The door is never locked, so you can always come ;-)

See you later,

9.9.07 20:50


Regrettably, we were unable to drive in the City, but I´ll see it the next time.
We were at Alecia´s House 45mins from NYC for celebrating Christopher´s 1st Birthday (Pictures under Bilder).
It was a lot of fun and it was great to met them.

Tomorrow I had to go to school again and I´ll start with Field Hockey, even if I´ll have no headache.
Friday I changed English and Microsoft Office to German 3 and Biologie, so I´ll have 2 new classes tomorrow (Tuesday).
The woman in the Office told me Friday, that I don´t have to pay my lunch, because I´m an exchange student and that is a bonus from the school.
That means I´ve more money for shopping

See you later,


3.9.07 22:33

My first days at SWHS

Hey everybody,
today was my second day at school and I just like two of my classes.
Tomorrow I will change the English class, because it is to difficult for me (for the other ones, too) and also I´ll change the Microsoft Office Class, because I didn´t choose that.
However, my teacher are really nice, but sometimes they speak a little bit too fast

Well, I don´t know what other things I could tell you.
So, if you wanna know something, than ask!

At the weekend we´re in New York at Alica´s House, so I´ve no chance to check my e-mails....

So Bye Guys, have a nice weekend.

31.8.07 02:26

So, die ersten Bilder sind da.
Demnächst kommen noch mehr, wenn wir noch in New York waren und so weiter.

Mir geht es soweit ganz gut hier, Anne, Ron und Nicole sind ne gute Ersatzfamilie und die letzten 10 Tage waren einfach ein guter Start hier.
Wir waren bei den Niagara Fällen, in Washington und sonst waren wir immer mal wieder shoppen, schwimmen und haben gegrillt mit allen.
Das Wetter ist herrlich, Sonnenschein, um die 30 Grad und mit dem Pool lässt es sich noch besser aushalten.
Mal gucken ob ich morgen, wenn die Schule angefangen hat immer noch so eine positive Einstellung zu diesem Land habe.

Bis dahin
Liebe Grüße aus den USA

28.8.07 17:46

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